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What Is a Spec Suite, and How Can It Benefit You?

Speculative office space is a sound strategy for businesses in need of a new home that can help it grow. Read more to learn about some of its benefits.

If you're looking for office space and need the flexibility to expand or contract your company over time, a spec suite might be the perfect solution.
Read on to learn more about what spec suites are, how they can help businesses save money, and offer other benefits.

What Is A Spec Suite?

A spec suite is an office that has been designed to be used for a specific purpose. Spec suites are typically used in the following ways:
  • A new office for a business that's growing and doesn't have enough space in their current office.
  • A temporary location for an existing business, such as if they're waiting to move into a new building or need more room while expanding.
  • An expansion of an existing business' operations without buying more land or building another building from scratch.
As a business owner, you may be considering a spec suite for your business. Speculative office space can be an excellent option for companies who need a new office but aren't sure what they want or how big their company will become.
Here are some of its benefits:

Speculative Offices Offer Important Efficiencies

Speculative offices offer important efficiencies. Not only do they make it easier for a company to move into a space and begin work immediately, but they also help when it comes time to relocate.
When an office is left empty, it can take months or even years before another tenant steps in and fills the space. This means that your company's employees may be waiting around while their former office sits empty.
When you choose speculative office space, however, you don't have to wait on someone else's schedule: if there are other companies interested in moving into the same building as yours at some point in the future (and if those other companies happen to need exactly what you're looking for), then they will likely sign an agreement—which means that any delays caused by tenants having trouble finding new places would no longer affect your business operations.

Reduced Up-Front Costs and Construction Time

Speculative suites are significantly cheaper and faster to build than custom-built ones. Speculative suites can be built in a matter of months, compared to years.
This means you won't have to spend as much money or wait around for long periods of time before your new home is ready to move into.

Spec Space Can Save Your Business Money

Spec space can save your business money in a number of ways.
First, it eliminates the need for custom design, which saves money on things like architectural fees, construction bids, and furniture design. It also reduces the cost of fixtures and finishes.
Finally, spec suites are typically built with generic utilities such as light fixtures and HVAC systems that can be shared with other spaces in your building—which means less waste and higher returns.

Specifications Delivered With Quality

A spec suite is like a custom-built space, but it is built to the specifications of the developer.
The benefit of using a spec suite builder rather than hiring someone yourself is not only do you save money on labor costs but also there are fewer errors because someone has done this before and knows how to avoid mistakes when building; therefore everything goes smoothly without having any issues down the road because they already know what steps need taking care before starting construction work itself begins.

Flexibility for Customization to Meet Your Needs

A spec suite is a customizable office space that can be customized to meet your specific needs.
  • They’re available in various sizes, ranging from 50 to 500 square feet. You can choose the location, size, and layout of your space.


  • You get to choose the furniture, fixtures and finishes you want installed in your spec suite. You'll even be able to specify colors and flooring materials if you'd like. This gives you some control over how the final product looks and feels so that it fits with your brand identity.


  • You can also select technology options such as high-speed internet access or videoconferencing capabilities for improved productivity at work.


This is a great advantage of a spec suite as commercial leases typically do not include such options, leaving businesses with no choice but to pay extra fees for such services separately.

Room for Growth

A spec suite is a great option for growing businesses because it provides room for growth.
If your business expands, you don't have to worry about moving out or paying for an additional building. Your company can continue operating from its current location while the expansion takes place. Your operations will be uninterrupted and no one has to leave their cubicle behind!

Sound Strategy for Growing Businesses

A spec suite can be a sound strategy for businesses in need of a new space—saving you money and time while also helping your business grow.
If this sounds like a good fit for your expanding company, consider making the next move into a speculative office as your next home.

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