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How to Find the Best Home Office Desk for Your Space

Want the best home office desk for ergonomics and comfort? Keep reading to learn which office desk is best for you and provides the most benefits.

Many people work remotely full time, some work from home occasionally, and others use their desks for other purposes in their free time. You deserve the best home office desk to make your days easier wherever you fall on this spectrum. You want a desk that helps you stay comfortable and focused by offering adjustment features and plenty of space.
This guide will help you choose the best home office desk for your space, no matter how you use your area. We've highlighted some of the best options while discussing the benefits of different types of desks. So keep reading if you're ready to upgrade your office space.

Why Your Desk Matters

Did you know that a poorly designed workstation increases your risk of issues like musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), back pain, and neck pain? Ergonomically designed office furniture can combat aches and pains and make you feel more comfortable in your office, especially if you spend a lot of time at your desk.
Set up your space for ergonomics by choosing the right type of office chair and the best home office desk. Here are some of the other benefits of ergonomics:
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased healthcare costs
  • Better posture
  • Less eye strain


You'll need to learn to sit with proper posture to get the most from your ergonomic setup, but who could argue with all those benefits?
The key elements of keeping good posture include a seat and desk height that keep your elbows and knees bent at approximately 90 degrees, with your feet flat on the floor. You also want your screen at eye level and your back straight with a natural curve.

Which Desk Height Is Best?

The appropriate desk height will depend on how tall you are and how your body is built. Desks without height adjustment are often set between 28 and 30 inches, but this isn't ideal for everyone.
Here's how to find your desk height while sitting:
  1. Adjust your office chair to a height that keeps your knees bent at 90 degrees with your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Adjust the height of the armrests on your chair to allow your arms to hang naturally with your elbows bent at 90 degrees while resting on them.
  3. Measure the height from the floor to your hands while they're in this 90-degree position. This is the correct desk height for you while sitting.


Once you've found the correct height, you'll want to test it out with your keyboard to see if it's comfortable. You might need to slightly adjust your desk and armrests based on how the position feels.
Here's how to find your desk height while standing:
  1. Put on the shoes you'll wear while working, if any, and place your standing mat in front of the desk.
  2. Stand up straight on the mat wearing your shoes, allow your arms to hang naturally, and bend at the elbows so that they are at 90-degree angles or slightly over.
  3. Measure the height from the floor to your hands. This is the correct desk height for you while standing.


Just as you would do when finding the right sitting height for your desk, you may need to adjust the standing height slightly for the best comfort level after testing it with your keyboard. The tabletop or keyboard tray should feel comfortable beneath your wrists while you type.

What’s the Best Home Office Desk for You?

The best home office desk will allow you to sit and stand comfortably while using your computer and workspace. In addition, it should offer the functionality you need for convenient, supported work. This might mean storage space for supplies, cable management to keep wires out of the way, or a compact size to fit in a small space.
Make a list of what you liked and didn't like with desks you've used in the past and what you'll need to fit your space now. For example, if your computer desk is in the corner of your living room, an L-shaped corner desk to make the most of the space could be ideal. Or, if you like to work with multiple monitors and need enough space to spread out with paperwork, you might need a larger work surface area.

Standing Desks: The Flexible Solution

Ergonomic workplaces often feature sit-stand desks that allow you to switch between sitting and standing positions. Standing desks can bring even more benefits to your work area, and they might be the single most versatile piece of furniture you can add to your office.
Here are some of the many perks of swapping sitting time for standing time:
  • Better circulation
  • More energy
  • Improved productivity and mood
  • Better heart health
  • Decreased risk for cancer, cardiovascular disease, and early mortality
  • Higher productivity
  • More movement
  • Less back and neck pain
You don't have to stand for your entire workday to reap these benefits, either. You can break up periods of sitting every 20 to 30 minutes with 10 to 20 minutes of standing, or as much as is comfortable for you. A standing mat to cushion the floor for your joints and a monitor arm to keep your screen at eye level will make it more comfortable.
The best standing desks are also height-adjustable with an electric motor, which means that you can easily adjust them for people of any height. Our adjustable standing desk, for example, can save your perfect sitting and standing heights as preset options ranging from 25 inches to 52 inches.

Sitting Desks: A Fixed Option

If you don't want a standing desk, sitting desks with fixed heights are always an option. Check your ideal sitting desk height and compare it with the height of the desk you're considering. It could be a great fit if it matches your perfect desk height or is close to what you need. Our office desk and L-shaped desk are 30 inches tall.
Sitting desks could work well if you need a writing desk for occasional use, work short hours, or don't plan to work from home often. On the other hand, if you work long hours regularly, an adjustable height desk with sit-stand functionality might be better.

Tips for Picking the Best Home Office Desk


Regardless of whether you choose a sit-stand desk or a sitting desk with a fixed height, these tips will help you find the best option:


  • Choose quality: Like most office workers, you'll spend a lot of time working at your desk over the next several years. Don't buy the cheapest particle board desk on Amazon. You deserve a high-quality desk with a solid wood or MDF top and a steel frame. Look for brands and retailers that offer a warranty, too, so you're protected for years to come.
  • Look for features: Features can make your desk more useful. For example, our standing desk has an adjustable height, a brushed grommet for cable routing, optional in-desk power, and a metal frame. Other features you might want include reversible or space-saving design and storage compartments.
  • Add accessories: Accessories will help you get the most out of your office. You might want to add a filing cabinet, monitor arm, desk lamp, hutch, credenza, bookshelves, or cubbies. These will help you add storage space and ensure you have plenty of room to work the way you want every time.
  • Shop for style: Upgrading your office is a perfect time to give your space character and style. Try a desk with a sleek, modern look and metal legs if you want something that goes with almost everything — from mid-century modern to industrial. The best desk is comfortable, ergonomic, and suited to your tastes and work style.
  • Measure your office: Before buying a desk, measure your available space and make sure the desk you want will fit. You might need a small desk to fit in a shared space, or you might have room for an executive desk with an attached credenza.
  • Don't forget the chair: You'll want an ergonomically designed office chair with your new desk. Our chairs offer multiple points of adjustment and come in a range of styles to suit every office. We also provide warranties to protect your purchase for years to come.


Ready to Find the Best Home Office Desk?

The best home office desk for your space will depend on how you work and how much time you spend at your desk. Check what height(s) you need and make a list of the features you're looking for to help find the right fit. And don't forget to give your entire office an ergonomic makeover!
We offer a range of office desks for every need. And if you'd like personalized recommendations for the perfect ergonomic setup, check out our Design My Office feature. We'll help you find the furniture you need to upgrade your workspace.

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