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5 Accessories to Spruce Up Your Home Office

Keep your desktop and work life organized with these well-designed, practical accessories from Most Modest and Native Union.

So you’ve already outfitted your office with an ergonomic chair and a standing desk, but now you’re looking to take some next steps towards assembling a work setup that’s as streamlined and organized as possible. Toward this end, we recently partnered with Native Union and Most Modest to roll out a curated collection of accessories that complement our core lineup of furniture by making office organization that much simpler. Like us, both companies strive to build solutions to everyday problems that are practically built into the grueling day-to-day of work life. Now that you’ve (hopefully) got everything you need from us to ensure both your body and mind are kept in optimal form, here are a few accessories that we think will take your desk organization to the next level.

Desk Caddy

This toolbox-inspired storage solution is ideal for everyday office implements both big and small. If you use many different colors of writing implements, the four small compartments on either side can be used to separate your red pens from your blues, while the larger compartments can house your notepads and business cards. Whether you’re looking for a small stand in which you can organize your stationary or a portable container that you can comfortably carry from one meeting room to another, this caddy should have no problems meeting your office needs. It comes in six different colors—Fog, Deep Space, Stone, Linen, Terracotta, and Moss—in order to meet a wide range of office environment pallets, from the dark and muted to the bright and playful The powder-coated aluminum and the solid white oak handle complete a stylish, functional caddy that's built to last. Most Modest, as always, cut no corners in designing this piece (they rounded them instead).

Freestanding Power

Maybe the couch in the middle of your breakout room is too far from an outlet for someone to charge their laptop, or maybe there’s a bench outside that could use a nearby power source. Whatever the situation may be, this freestanding power strip from Most Modest solves an all-too-common office conundrum—where is the nearest outlet?—all while adding a bright splash of color to any work environment. Manufactured in Michigan with all of Most Modest’s other products, these power outlets feature a powder-coated steel base and knit cabling to guarantee long- term durability. What’s more, their white ash, leather accents give life to any of the five unique colors that the power strip can come in. With a 10-foot cable, this piece can do a great deal to make power more accessible, no matter where in the office you may find yourself.

Desktop Organizer

All of those wandering items that freely enter and exit our pockets need a place to call home while we’re busy bustling around the office, don’t they? Paper clips, keys, pens, and coins have finally found a rest stop in this desktop organizer, carefully designed by Most Modest to take up as little space—both physically and visually—as necessary. Stand your pens in the powder-coated steel cup, and place all of the pocket flotsam you’ve got onto the solid white oak catch-all tray. This organizer ensures that even your tiniest possessions have a place on your desk. And just like the desk caddy, the desktop organizer is available in six textured matte finish colors to meet the chromatic needs of your workspace.

Wireless Charging Pad

Unlike most charging pads, which are only built to power one device at a time, this pad from Native Union can charge up to three: while two devices charge wirelessly, another can be plugged into the included USB-A port. And as with all their products, Native Union took great care to optimize this charger’s aesthetics—with a weighted aluminum base and home textile, the modern design is highly versatile and complements almost any workplace environment. Native Union also included a few key features to ensure that your devices are kept safe while charging: the non-slip silicone surface keeps them firmly in place; foreign object detection means that nothing will ever be mistakenly given power; and the thermal protection function prevents your devices from overheating. And with a 6.5 foot cord and power adapter, this charging pad should have no problem reaching the nearest outlet (in the off-chance that it does, though, check out the Freestanding Power Strip below).

Wireless Charging Dock

Since phones function as a desk away-from-work for so many of us, it’s sometimes essential that we maintain easy access to it during the day, even when we’re perched at our work desk. This wireless charging dock is specifically designed to accommodate this constant relationship we have with our phones—while it’s gaining the charge it needs after a few hours of use, your phone can quite literally stand at the ready. And rather than having to crane your neck to look down at it whenever you get a text or a call, potentially compromising some of the progress you’ve made on posture, you can instead perch it directly next to your monitor, where it will sit in your periphery as you continue to focus on work. Best of all, your phone can keep charging while rested either in portrait or landscape position, so you don’t have to make any compromises just to keep that electric current running. Like their charging pad, Native Union’s dock is also impeccably designed, featuring hard-wearing textile and precision-engineered steel. It also comes with all of the necessary safety features, including object detection and thermal protection.

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