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6 Home Office Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Office

Build an office that fits your style. These home office design ideas will help you create a space that looks amazing without compromising on function.

It’s time to upgrade your home office! Maybe you have a list of ideas, or you need a little help to get moving. This article is filled with cool home office designs and some tips alongside to satisfy your every office need.
From paint colors to your desk-and-chair setup, creating the perfect home setup is a mix of incorporating productivity hacks and personal details. The options may seem endless, but lean into it. The perfect office will incorporate your style and personality. It’s even beneficial to your productivity to create an office that feels comfortable and inspires you on the daily. 
We’ll highlight some of our favorite home office design ideas so that you can see and incorporate what you like. From layout to knick knacks to color choices, your office can become your favorite space in the house. We’re also not limited to a separated office space, a design or two will feature how you can have the perfect home office even in a shared space. 
If you’re new to all things office layout related, check out our guide on creating the perfect home office setup first.
Otherwise, let’s get started. 

1. The Creativity Oasis

Lights. Camera. Action!
You’re a dreamer, creative, artist, writer, or designer. The office is not just an office. It’s a studio, a drawing board, a springboard for inspiration. From mobility requirements to signature touches of style to room for a little creativity, your office needs to have it all. 
We love the bohemian-chic design this office so effortlessly puts together. Dried plants, whicker baskets, a tarp painting, and guitar fill this office with personality. 
Make your office your own. Those little details will motivate and inspire you through bursts of productivity and brainstorming sessions. The addition of a record player is another great choice. From classical to jazz tunes, music can improve your memory and mood. Happier work = better work!
Additions like a furry seat throw and rug along with the carpet flooring spread warmth. Neutral tones of beige and brown make it warm and tranquil. Light fixtures and a well-placed window provide adequate brightness. 
Peep our standing desk! The perfect moving foundation for sitting down to a writing session or standing up to play some guitar and brainstorm.

2. The Study Section


“Back to the grind today! Our teen insisted that he needed a better chair for focusing during Zoom classes (& gaming 🎮). Luckily @branchfurniture created this ultra comfy + modern Ergonomic Chair he’s loving! Now if only it’d get him straight A’s!”

- Meegan Buschor, Interior Designer @mia.interiors 


When stylizing your teen’s study haven, style and comfort is a must. You want an office they’re going to enjoy being in. Zoom classes, homework, and everything in-between just got more enjoyable. 
With a wood-slat wall, unique wall lamp, and artsy frames, this office has enough style to keep those brain cells moving. Touches like a woven rug aren’t just nice for the eyes; it protects the carpeted floor while making it easier to roll around on that comfy chair. A plant adds a bit of life, and might even improve concentration. The stool doubles as a plant stand and extra seating for a buddy-study-sesh. (Try saying that three times fast!)
Our favorite piece? That ultra-adjustable chair. With seven points of adjustment, the Ergonomic Chair will support your back and arms as you move from writing reports to drawing up designs to staying attentive in Zoom meetings. 

3. The Green Room


“ Working from home, I didn't realize how life-changing the right office chair would be! I love a vintage bentwood, but let's be honest - they aren't exactly the most comfortable. This chair is the perfect combination of style AND function. It is so comfortable and the sage green color fits perfectly in my office space.”

- Emily Rodgers, Self-Acclaimed Plant Whisperer @mylushabode

Did you know that plants can increase productivity by about 15%? Little bursts of green color, plants increase perceived levels of air quality and mood. Some, like spider plants, Boston ferns, and peace lilies actually purify the air. 
Green hues calm and energize. Recall how invigorated you might feel after going to a park and seeing the endless expanse of grass, trees, and plants. 
Earth tones endure throughout this office with a wood-tone desk, warm wood floors, and a terra cotta-blue-beige rug. A filing cabinet stores every paper, pen, and accessory for clear table-tops. 
We see you, transparent chair pad! Roll around without abandon, those wheels will never get stuck or wear down those beautiful floors. A mirror bounces light from a nearby window to improve brightness. And that chair! Comfy, pretty, and adjustable, the Daily Chair is the perfect chair for a high-use office. 


4. The Cool Co-Working Space

Working with your home-mates? This space has all the inspiration you need, at home or in office. 
White furniture and walls provide a blank slate for decorating-fun. From the neon “hey” sign to the bright books to the colorful storage bins, this office is popping with color. It’s fun! And that makes work even better.
Playful spaces can produce ultimate work-fun spaces. Tired? Take a look at that neon sign and you’ll wake right up. Need to think of something new and quirky? Glance at those book covers. 
Decor might seem like a detraction from work, but it actually provides a moment of respite, and can infuse creativity into your thought process.
Benching desks allow for separation of space, with ultimate face-time, facilitating discussions and solo work. These benching desks are actually standing desks so you can move around together or separately. Chatting too much? Stand while your teammate sits. That’ll provide ample separation. 

5. The Chameleon

You’re a work at home aficionado. You flow from cooking a meal to opening your laptop for work. There might not be enough space in your home for a separate office. Or you thrive when there is the hustle and bustle of people moving around you. It’s like your own private café or co-working space. 
But how can you design an office without taking over or overcrowding your space? Follow these design ideas. 
    • You’ll notice that column behind the shelves. That’s a wall separating two living spaces. If you’re like us, you’ve never thought of placing a desk against part-wall, part-air.

      Try this instead of placing your desk in a corner. You’ll find it more spacious while making your home look like it has been professionally designed. Picture this office from another angle in the room. The desk angles expand the space without crowding another nook.
    • Floating shelves add storage space while enclosing the desk. It’s almost like a cubicle. You’re not at home, you’re at work.

      Desk drawers are used for work files so that the office fits into the aesthetic design of home spaces. Once work clutter creeps into your living room, you don’t have that work-life balance.
    • Personalize your desk chair. This Daily Chair just got even comfier with a sheepskin throw. Less office-chair, more fashion-forward.

6. The Family-Flexible Abode


“One desk, one office, two layouts. Our new, modern standing desk is fitting into our new home and getting ALL the use between 2 kids in virtual schooling and Nate and I working from home. Featuring a one-touch, ultra quiet motor and a sleek design, I’m going to have to say, I love it up against the wall best. Which look do you prefer?”

- Chelsey, Designer-Blogger @frengpartyof6


Your office is busy. It’s not just your 9-to-5 domain, but also your children’s classroom and partner’s workspace. If your office is switching modes throughout the week, you’ll find some great ideas in this design. 
That desk needs to move. From child height to adult height, standing and sitting, this standing desk can reach it all. Keep the table-top free of clutter so that you can adjust without fear of falls. 
Don’t just move up or down. Pull your desk around! Two setups make this office look like completely different spaces.
Decorations include landscape frames, plants, and extra lighting. It’s calming and nothing detracts from focus. 
This is the ultimate space for school work, work work, and relax time. 

Still looking for more inspiration? You’re in luck. 
Here’s a few more home office design ideas:

1. The Studio Space


We love how this office desk and chair fits into its own nook. While small on space, paint colors and storage-accessories expand this office.


2. The Team Zone


If you’re looking for office inspiration, or just work with a lot of roommates, take some pointers from this design. Pastels brighten the room. Everyone has their own chair — tailored to their own design and comfort needs. Accessories separate the desks, while filing cabinets and trash bins hide underneath. Benching desks look like one large table, but also have clear lines of separation.


3. The Productivity Powerhouse


This corner is a work-zone. Multiple pin boards, expo boards, and miniature shelves house to-do lists and anything else needed throughout the week. Storage underneath holds just about anything. 


Office design is integral to your productivity. Create a workspace that suits your style and needs with these ideas. From little knick knacks to new furniture purchases, changes small and large can have a huge impact on your work output and feelings of wellbeing.
Want office and productivity tips on the daily? Love looking through design inspiration for your own home?
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